A development viability assessment has been carried out to assess the “Enabling Development” role of the open market Care Beds in supporting the financial viability of the scheme.

The term ‘Enabling Development’ refers to a development that would be otherwise unacceptable in planning terms, but for the fact it will deliver public benefits sufficient to justify it being carried out, which could not otherwise be achieved.

The viability assessment carried out on behalf of Cranleigh Village Hospital Trust (CVHT) and HC-One, concluded that the proposed development is of a scale that just supports the provision of the Community Beds and Affordable Staff Accommodation and no more.

As a result, the number of open market care home beds is justified and necessary to provide full funding to the community beds and health worker accommodation.

The funds required have been generated from the premium for the lease of the Care Home to HC1 together with monies pledged by CVHT and local benefactors who wish to see the scheme proceed and the public benefit from these facilities be realised.

You can read the development viability assessment summary on the Waverley Borough Council planning portal at http://planning360.waverley.gov.uk/civica/Resource/Civica/Handler.ashx/Doc/pagestream?cd=inline&pdf=true&docno=7467864